The mission of this Construction Education Guide is to give you the information required to understand some of the many facets of the construction industry. For both new and experienced persons this guide will give you a chance to refresh and learn new aspects of construction.

Site Courses

This site is broken up into the following learning sections:

Reading Plans - All sections of construction broken down into easy to read pictures with explanations. 

Contract Language - Learn what contract language you need to write a contract.

Work Break Down Structure- Learn how to set up a Schedule for your project based on what work needs to be completed in the Scope Of Work.

Spec's and Details- Learn how to find Specs for your scope of work. Put details were you can find time quickly.

The Art of Estimating- Where to start, what to look for, and how to finish.

Project Management- From Kick off to closing out a project.

Documents - What do you need from Estimating to Project Management 

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